Visions and Values

Our Vision

A global market leader for high precision grinding tools.

The vision of ATLANTIC provides us with a clear direction and objective. It reinforces our aim to be the best in everything we do. This, together with our four corporate values, guides our employees in the decisions they make in their day-to-day activities. Our four corporate values are clear and concise.

Based on our long, successful history, and enframed by our vision and corporate values, we are pursuing a long-term corporate development, which is shaped by solid entrepreneurial activities and economic success.

Our Values

Our customers are the focus of our actions

We respond to the desires and needs of our customers by offering excellent products and solutions to technical problems, thereby creating maximum value for the customer.

Creating added value for the customer and enhancing customer satisfaction

Our customers are the focus of all of our activities and the key to our success. This is not only applicable to employees in our sales or application engineering department who are in direct contact with our customers; it applies to every individual employee. This is because decisions are also made in the research & development, production, human resources and accounting departments that have an impact on our customer relationships.

To our customers we are not only a supplier of products, technologies and services, but also an important partner and technical problem solver. We develop customised solutions together with our customers. This also ensures enhanced quality and sustainability of our customers' products. The added value that is created for our customers as a result of this customised solution lays the foundation for further growth.

In order to be able to provide the highest quality products and an excellent level of service, we need to have an even better understanding of our customers. This helps us to solidify our customer relationships on one hand, while enabling the simultaneous development and expansion of a particular market position on the other.

We value, challenge and encourage our employees

Respect forms the basis of our cooperation. We trust each other and develop our strengths and capabilities together. Personal responsibility and a high level of performance are expected from every employee in order to ensure the success of our company on a long-term basis.

Employees are critical to success

Our vision and our four corporate values should firmly anchor a "Culture of Success" within the company. Our common vision and actively practiced corporate values guarantee unity and offer us guidance in our everyday work and activities. This enables us to develop innovative and sustainable products for our customers, as well as future-oriented marketing and sales concepts.

The corporate culture serves as a unifying element and makes it possible to utilise the full, diverse potential within our company. Our employees play a decisive role in the success of our company. New developments and challenges are accepted and overcome with a positive attitude. Our employees act in an entrepreneurial manner and are willing to assume responsibility.

ATLANTIC operates on a global scale as an international company. 70 percent of our sales are conducted outside Germany. By working together with our customers our employees develop innovations, implement successful strategies and provide the company with a distinctive identity. Well-trained and experienced employees are the key factor to success in an internationally competitive environment.

Challenging and encouraging employees

ATLANTIC is striving for a "Culture of Success". A clear focus on performance and the will to achieve success amidst intensive international competition are the cornerstones of this culture. In order to be able to further develop and enhance this corporate culture, we are investing in the targeted education and training of our employees. Performance-related payment systems provide clear, comprehensible goals and incentives on one hand, and encourage above-average performance on the other.

Our senior management have a high level of responsibility in developing their teams, as well as in encouraging talented individuals through constructive feedback. At ATLANTIC we believe that every individual should take responsibility for his/her own career and have an active role in shaping their future. We support this aspect by offering numerous attractive possibilities and opportunities. A clear vision and clear, concise corporate values are important prerequisites for the direction and success of the company. We want all employees to understand our vision and corporate values and to incorporate them in their everyday actions and decisions.

Economic success and healthy growth are cornerstones for our future

As a performance-oriented company we are committed to increasing its value and securing its existence in the long term. We need economic success to maintain and develop our competitiveness in the long run.

Economic success is required in order to enable investment in research & development, machinery and equipment, as well as in the expansion of our international sales division. This basic understanding forms the basis for our actions. This also ensures we remain a reliable partner for our customers and employees in the future. Efficient and effective economic activity is the cornerstone for our economic success and healthy growth.
As a commercial enterprise we need economic success in order to maintain and further strengthen our long-term competitiveness.

By ensuring we have the best products, the highest quality and an excellent level of service our aim is to become stronger than our competitors in highly competitive sectors and to open up new markets.

Economic success provides us with financial leeway, thereby creating the flexibility for development opportunities and forming the basis for timely investment. For us these are prerequisites for healthy and long-term growth, the cornerstone for the future of our company and our employees.

Our aim is to enhance sustainability and environmental protection

At ATLANTIC we have been dealing with the topic of sustainable development and social responsibility for over 100 years. The aim of ATLANTIC has always been to create a balance between man, the environment and corporate interests. Our pursuit of all elements relating to sustainability and environmental protection is both long-term and entrepreneurial in nature. In our corporate values we are committed to further enhancing our role in the field of sustainability.

We offer products, technologies and processes that fulfil the highest product and production standards. This applies to all of the activities in our company along the entire value chain, from development through to production, logistics and distribution.

At ATLANTIC we have been operating in a sustainable and socially responsible manner since our foundation in 1920. The topic of sustainability and environmental protection has therefore become part of our corporate culture. ATLANTIC fulfils the needs of people today with its products and technologies, as well as in its capacity as an employer, without losing sight of the development opportunities of future generations.

We offer our customers products, technologies and processes that fulfil the highest standards. ATLANTIC is committed to ensuring the health and safety of employees and the protection of our environment. Our corporate culture also includes an open and trusting dialogue with neighbours.